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[Investment Banking Technology sector]

  1. Strong hiring sentiment:
    • It's been a buoyant market. Candidates have been receiving multiple offers
    • Compared to a year ago, salary increases for good developers (Java / C++) have been generous, some in the range of 20% or so. With technology continuing to be a strong focus for the banks, this war of talent is likely to continue
    • Python / HTML5 / Front End JavaScript developers are in the highest demand

  2. Rise of DevOps roles:
    • The same way "agile" came into practice many years ago; we are now seeing widespread adoption of DevOps practices across many institutions, especially within banking
    • Most banks now have a separate DevOps team (it used to be part of the Production Support team before)
    • Depending on the model, some banks require these DevOps candidates to be familiar with deployment processes over the Cloud (AWS or Azure or Google Cloud)

  3. Virtual Banking:
    • This article describes it best. A "virtual bank" is defined as a bank which delivers retail banking services primarily, if not entirely, through the internet or other forms of electronic channels instead of physical branches
    • Ironically, they still need to maintain a physical presence in Hong Kong as their principal place of business, although they need not have retail branches
    • In terms of technology, front end / mobile developers and developers focused on chatbots, robo advisory are going to be more in demand

[General Technology sector]

  1. Graph Databases:
    • We spoke to the ex Deputy CIO of SFC Stephen Langley who spoke about Graph Databases being the next big thing in databases. A Graph Database, according to Wiki, "is a database that uses graph structures for semantic queries with nodes, edges and properties to represent and store data. A key concept of the system is the graph, which directly relates data items in the store" - a little above my head but there you go!

  2. Rise of Block Chain / Crypto related Firms:
    • It's been a continuation since the previous quarter but we saw even more new Crypto Firms opening up in Singapore and Hong Kong. Typically, these firms look for Java / C++ developers or front-end developers

[Noteworthy updates]

  1. HKMA's Open API Framework:
    • Hong Kong Monetary Authority is releasing a new open API framework. This could result in an even higher demand for developers in the medium to long term

  2. Finance Puzzles:
    • We interviewed the CIO of Hanpa Trading Scott Chistensen, who pointed us to some finance puzzles that he has developed. If you are interested in some puzzles, here is the link

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