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Banking Tech Sector:


The year got off to a slow start but Q2 saw hiring in the Investment Banking Technology sector shoot up. After strong Q1 results in the banking sector, many of the top IBs have been hiring developers for enhancement projects as well as green-field projects. We have not seen such volume of hiring for a while!


With the deadline for MIFID 2 related projects looming, banks have been busy finishing off projects that are necessary to keep them compliant. Banks have been hiring developers to work on MIFID 2 projects, not just in Europe but also in Asia


Furthermore, we have seen strong demand for developers with knowledge of various programming languages such as Java / C++ / C# across front-to-back office related projects

Insurance Tech Sector:


The diagram below encapsulates the trend that has been happening in the insurance area for a while. Automation has been a major trend within the insurance industry, including in the area of Point of Sales, Underwriting, Claims, CRM, and so on. Digitalization and the advent of IoT has made all these channels smarter. All these advancements in technology have lead to a greater demand in the IT Security space to protect these channels from Cyber Security attacks. Furthermore, the Cloud technology that has been widely adopted to cater to the increased demand from these digital channels, has also ushered in advancements in the area of Big Data Analytics. This entire triend has in turn lead to a requirement for structured programme management which has been becoming increasingly important to adopt these projects across the entire Asia region


The hiring we have witnessed has been in all areas of this trend, right from developers in the digitalization space to Program Managers to Cloud professionals. Hiring in the Insurance space in Q2 has been brisk

Interesting Tech News:


Ken Griffin (Founder / CEO of Citadel) talks about the importance of AI / Machine Learning / Big Data and Predictive Analysis. Amazon is by far spending the most money on research in AI. Please see chart below:


Symphony, an instant messaging service for the finance industry is finally set to take on Bloomberg. Symphony is the result of a consortium of several Investment Banks, led by Goldman Sachs


Some FinTech news: (a) Japan legalized Bitcoins in April 2017 (b) The CFA Institute exams now includes questions on FinTech

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