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[Banking Tech sector]

  1. With the Chinese New Year trailing not so far behind the New Year, hiring slowed during January / February. There was increased activity in terms of interviews when compared to Q1 2017 but actual hiring took slightly longer because of the holidays.
  2. After some drama over the future of crypto-related tech startups due to Chinese regulations, we saw these tech startups beginning to hire plenty of C++ developers in late Feb and during March. Banks liked Goldman Sachs also started to build crypto-currency trading desks and UBS is working on a blockchain-based settlement system.
  3. On the banking side, we saw the need for many C++ / Java developers in Equities. Also, there was a pronounced demand for strong DevOps Engineers with buy side firms and Investment Banks. They were looking for strong Linux / Python / DevOps engineers, ideally with a background in Banking. More banks continued to invest in FinTech innovation departments (including Hang Seng which is building a Chatbox).

[Insurance sector]

  1. Hiring in the insurance space was primarily focused on Digitization Projects (full-stack mobile / web developers). One noteworthy item is that this sector is leaning towards hiring younger executives from different sectors other than Insurance to bring in diversity in thinking. Many of the top firms now have Innovation Departments to curate and nurture new ideas.

[General Technology sector]

  1. We heard the usual buzz words thrown around – ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Block Chain’, etc but in terms of actual hiring, the technologies that were more popular in Q1 were good old Java 18, AngularJS and NodeJS. This cartoon sums up the Block Chain buzz quite well!
What is Blockchain
  1. For the most of last year, we saw Cordova developers in demand but towards the end of last year and during the first quarter of this year, we saw a pronounced demand for Ionic Framework developers as Hybrid app developers were more in demand compared to native app developers.

 [Top Articles]

  1. We now have our own podcast – please do not expect anything like the Joe Rogan podcast! Our podcast was started with the simple aim of allowing us to learn more by talking to movers and shakers in the tech space. In our first episode, we did not speak to a tech guy per se; instead, we spoke to the host of a personality development / social skills podcast that I am a fan of. Listen to our interview with Jordan Harbinger here.

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